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Providing Support to Families of Children with Special Needs

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The mission of  Inclusion Revolution is to support families and their children through comprehensive support and services so that all students have the same opportunities for success.

Education Advocate Services

Approximately 14 percent of students in the United States have disabilities. Despite federal laws mandating that all students are entitled to a free and appropriate public education (FAPE), there are significant and enduring achievement gaps for students with disabilities. The situation is even more challenging for disabled students from racial and ethnic minority backgrounds, as their outcomes tend to worsen. In essence, we have become too complacent with the failure to support students with disabilities adequately. Addressing this issue requires substantial changes in our public education system. While noteworthy innovations have resulted from education reform efforts over the past few decades, charter schools and districts with high levels of choice have not fully or consistently utilized the autonomy granted by state charter school laws to serve students with disabilities effectively.

Review of records

A comprehensive review of records to understand the child’s educational history.

Meeting attendance/ Parent support

 I am available to attend meetings and guidance to review your child's  IEP.

Telephone consultation

Following records review, telephone consultation to discuss current issues or concerns.

Studies have documented the challenges charter schools face in establishing sufficient resources to deliver high-quality special education programs. These schools often operate as independent or semi-independent districts, which means they have to navigate systems primarily designed for traditional school districts. Unfortunately, there are still prevalent misconceptions about charter schools' capacity and responsibility to educate students with disabilities. Additionally, the complex combination of federal, state, and district guidelines, as well as funding mechanisms, has created a perplexing maze that is difficult for both schools and families to navigate.

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Why you need an education advocate

Are you experiencing anxiety and frustration due to special education laws and school procedures? If your child is encountering barriers that impede their learning potential, it may be beneficial to seek the help of an education advocate. If you find yourself in this situation, I possess the knowledge necessary to navigate the school system, alleviate the distress of feeling powerless during school meetings, and offer optimal support for your child.


With over 30 years of experience as a former general education and special education teacher in Louisiana, Texas, Iowa, and Arizona public school systems, Cindy possesses extensive expertise in navigating the complexities of the school system. Through Inclusion Revolution, Cindy works closely with families, assisting them in developing Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and 504 plans. She actively participates in meetings with parents, offering valuable knowledge, feedback, and advice throughout the process, tailoring her approach to each unique case. Her proficiency extends to writing and revising Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and resolving disputes between families and school districts. Cindy remains up-to-date with the latest special education regulations by engaging in comprehensive professional development annually. Additionally, she collaborates with top private neuropsychologists, psychologists, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, and board-certified behavior analysts in Arizona to ensure the best student outcomes.


If we continue to hire great teachers but do not create environments to retain them, we will continue to fight a losing battle.

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